TBCYC Registration 2024-2025 for New & Returning Choristers
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Registration for 2024 - 2025
This is our current times and fees for all divisions in 2024-2025 season.  In January 2024 we will ask for a $25 production fee for all choristers taking part in the TBCYC Musical in May 2025 (Piccolo will not be included in this production).
Choir division for 2024-25 (please note that the times of the classes my change and are yet to be confirmed.  The fees however are confirmed.) *
At TBCYC, we understand the importance of friendships. Please list ONE friend with whom your child would like to sit beside at choir and we will do our best to accommodate this request.
Members of the Prelude and Cantabile division require the NEW TBCYC casual black shirt. Members of the Chamber and Youth Chorus, require the casual shirt AND a more formal uniform. Our casual uniform will remain black bottoms, black socks and shoes and a the new TBCYC shirt. Our formal uniform consists of full length black dress pants, black shoes and socks and formal black shirts with red scarves or ties. Everyone in Comp will need full length black dress pants. There are many options at Old Navy. The choir will provide shirts, scarves and ties. Every chorister will be fitted for this outfit and it must be returned clean and in good condition in June. 
All of our choristers except for members of the Piccolo choir require the latest TBCYC shirt for performances. These are $25. If you need to order a shirt, please indicate the size needed, and add $25 to your fee total.
The cost of these shirts may increase in price this year - this is to be confirmed.
Shirt Order
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PAYMENT - due 15 August, 2024
Fees: Piccolo- Fall Term $198, Winter Term $150 & the Spring Term $182; 
for Prelude/Cantabile/Chamber/Youth/Comp payment can be made in full for the term in September or in two separate installments one in September and one in January.  Prelude-$550 (Sept-June); Cantabile-$695 (Sept-June;) Chamber-$795 (Sept-June); Youth -$795 (Sept-June) Youth COMP Choir- $495 (2 payments for the year) 
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We have some funds set aside for families who require financial assistance. Would you like us to send you a bursary request form?
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By typing my name below and submitting this form, I authorize the Toronto Beaches Children's and Youth Chorus and/or its assistants, to photograph/film my above named child/ren. I authorize the TBCYC to permit the use and display of photographs for promotional material and worldwide Web publication. (Please note: No names will be used in publication.) I release and forever discharge the Toronto Beaches Children's and Youth Chorus, its agents, officers and employees from any and all claims and demands arising out of or in connection with the use of said photographs/images, including but not limited to, any claims for invasion of privacy or defamation. Signed (please type below): *
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