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Many of us have some interesting videos which reveal a story in itself. If you have any interesting videos which you are willing to share, you can upload it onto the site. We have different categories for uploading photos.

Inorder to upload your videos, please follow the below process. Also please note that the size of the videos should not be more than 30 MB.

Please only share those videos that you have the right to. SmartWomanWorld does not allow the upload of videos that infringe upon the copyright, property or trademark of another person or organization.

All videos shared with us can be copied, modified and distributed even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission from the creator/artist.

All videos shared with us will be in the public domain and would be free to anyone to download and use. The videos uploaded will be published solely at the discretion of the admin.

Incase you have your own Youtube channel and wish to share content with us, do send an email to with the relevant links (url)

Below is the process to be followed for uploading and submitting your video to SmartWomanWorld

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