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This form enables you to add your name to the WFPB (whole food, plant-based) Mormon Map (view the map here: You do not need to be eating WFPB to add your name; you just need to be interested and want to connect with WFPB Mormons.

Complete the form below. Fields with a red asterisk are required; the rest are optional.

The map will not update automatically (I have to manually reimport it to make it update).

To learn more about a WFPB Word of Wisdom diet, visit:

ā€” Jane Birch (

Make sure you don't add your name twice!!
If you aren't sure whether you are on the map, try finding yourself: If you need to edit or delete your entry, email me at
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The purpose of adding a street name is to avoid two pins in the exact same location on the map. You don't need to use your own street; you can use any real street in your city. Be sure: (1) it is an actual street name in your city; (2) you include Avenue or Street, etc., if it is part of the name (e.g. Aspen Ave, Cherry Lane, 500 W); and (3) it is spelled correctly.
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The Mormon Map is sponsored by Jane Birch, author of Discovering the Word of Wisdom.
Visit the Discovering the Word of Wisdom website at You can contact Jane Birch at
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