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By filling in this form you apply to become a member of AEGEE-Academy.
We are the official pool of trainers of AEGEE-Europe, aiming to provide high quality non-formal learning experiences that facilitate the self-development of our training participants.
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Our aim is to respond to your application within one to two weeks.
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What is your motivation for joining AEGEE-Academy? By this we mean what's your vision for AEGEE and its pool of trainers? How will joining AEGEE-Academy help you achieve that vision? What can AEGEE-Academy do for you and what can you do for AEGEE-Academy? *
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What are your experiences in AEGEE and/or other NGOs? (Keep it brief, relevant and use a different line for each item.) *
Do you have previous experiences in the field of training? If yes, please attach a training portfolio by using the link below (if it's online) or by attaching a file in the next question (if you prefer an offline format) *
Add a link to your training portfolio or training CV in a drive here. Find the (recommended) default portfolio template we use in AEGEE-Academy here: (make a copy of the file and fill in your information there). *
Send us a session design you have developed! This is the most essential thing to include in your application, because it's the best way for us to assess your training design skills! Here's a link to our session design template for that purpose: (make a copy of the file and fill in your information there). *
Please tell us if you attended a TNT (training new Trainers) and if yes which one it was. If it wasn´t from AEGEE-Academy, what was the organisation, duration and content. *
For your start of your trainer path, we offer the possibility of getting a mentor, which will help you in developing as a trainer. Are you interested in that? *
Do you already know a trainer of AEGEE-Academy who can give you a reference? Please add up to three trainers. (Under a reference we understand someone, who already attended or held a training with you. So they are able to say something about your abilities as a trainer) *
I allow AEGEE-Academy to publish my photo, name, pronoun, location, age, training specialities and description for the website *I agree to the procession of above mentioned data for internal purposes by the Board of AEGEE-Academy, storage of the data in the internal archives of the Association and its publishing on the website of AEGEE-Academy. *
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