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This is a valid SEASnet IP address registered to you. If the IP address is not registered with SEASnet, your request may be denied. If you need a SEASnet IP, the form is at
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Please provide (1)Service name (e.g. SSH, Web, SFTP, etc) and (2)Corresponding port number.  If you want to narrow the access from full internet access to a specific IP or set of IPs (for example, UCLA IPs or UCLA VPN IPs), please also specify here.  
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Please provide as much explanation as you can for why you need the port(s) open.
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I understand that making this request opens my device to the internet, which makes it open to attack and possible compromise. I take full responsibility for any and all damages, expenses, and costs resulting from or connected to opening access to my device. I agree to make continued efforts to secure and update my server/service to prevent compromise.
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