Wireless Testing Spring 2015
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Think of yourself as a guest (parent, alum, guest speaker, or townsfolk) who does not have any Middlebury credentials. Is it clear which network you should connect to? *
Think of yourself as a guest who does not have any Middlebury credentials yet. Is it clear what you should do? Is the wording you encounter clear at each step of the process? If not, what would make more sense? *
Do all the pages you encounter through this process look readable on your device? If not, what could be improved? *
What, if anything, has held you back from using midd_secure until now? Do you feel that this has been resolved or is it still the same problem? *
Is there any other feedback you want to share about the new wireless networks?
What device are you using? (If you have another one, please test again with that and fill out the form again.) *
What's your name, so we know who to thank and follow up with? *
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