D2L Grades Workshop
The Grades Overview Workshop is for instructors who would like to utilize the gradebook functionality in the Learning Management System, D2L. Your students can track their grades anytime as soon as you post them, protect their privacy and save paper from printing out their grades. This session listed below is scheduled for 1 hour. You are welcome to schedule for some 1-1 assistance customizing your gradebook outside of the session times.
Stipends available for part-time faculty when you attend our sessions.

Additional resources on D2L can be found in http://www.pcc.edu/about/distance/faculty/technical/

Please direct any questions to Online Faculty Helpdesk, 971-722-8227.

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GNumbers are needed from part-time faculty members for the purpose of reporting training session attendance in order to qualify for part-time stipends. See the bottom of the form for more information. Please enter the complete G# ('G' included)
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If you need an accommodation to participate, please notify us or the ADA Coordinator (971-722-5851 or adacoordinator@pcc.edu) at least three (3) working days prior to the date of need.
Information​​ on stipends for part-time faculty​​
Stipends for part-time faculty are available for all ITS D2L and Collaborate training sessions. Part-time stipends are disbursed in two-hour increments: 2 hours ($25), 4 hours ($50), or 8 hours ($100). Since ITS training sessions vary in length, you may need to attend multiple sessions to meet the time requirements. Each session will have a sign-up sheet to record participation.

Stipends for ITS sessions will be facilitated by the Distance Learning department. Contact Nellie Long (x4381) for questions about payments.

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