Tempest Photography image request
To request use of your Tempest Photography images to use in your yearbook please read the instructions below and fill out the form.

You can use any of your own photos in your yearbook, just upload these via the Pics & Labels section in your yearbook.

To be able to process your request as quick as possible we do need for you to complete the form below.


> We need a GUID (a photo's individual reference number - to find this just ask the person at the school who manages your school photography booking) Where can I find the GUID number?

> Do I need to send you all the individual GUIDs? No - Just one or two should be helpful enough.

> I don't have the GUID number- what can I do ? Please include the date, the month and the year of the photography booking as well as the images you are requesting for e.g - Year 11 individuals

> Tempest Account number - if you do not know this please leave the school name and postcode.

The more information you can provide the easier it will be to find your photos! To request your Tempest photos you do need to have a yearbook set up - if you haven't already done so head to www.allyearbooks.co.uk/start

Photo requests can take up to 3 x days. The photos will be uploaded directly into your yearbook account. Once you images are ready one of the AYB team will drop you a message in the chat section.
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This will save time when we are searching for your school photos so please include this.
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Please be specific and include the month and the year of photography - you will also need to include details of the images you are requesting - for e.g Year 11 portraits
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