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As an AllYearbooks customer one of the benefits of this, is you have access to Tempest Photography images to use in your AYB yearbook completely free of charge! All you need to do is fill out the information below and tell us which images you would like to use and the team at Tempest will organise the photos for you!!
Don't forget you can continue to use your own photos too! Just upload these as usual in the AYB software :)


To help us find your images quickly we need a GUID (a photo's individual reference number).

Where can I find the GUID number? This can usually be found on your MIS, or on the disc with the original SIMS images. If you have a physical copy of a photograph take a look for a barcode on the edge of the image - usually under the mount.

Do I need to send you all the individual GUIDs? Nope - just one or two should be helpful enough.

If you are having no luck finding GUID codes we can sometimes find the images based on the month and year. We do need the date of photography - We don't need to know the exact date, but the month and year they were taken. The month is important due to some schools having multiple photography sessions.

I don't know the school's Tempest account number. In certain circumstances we can find the school's account based on their full name and address, but we do ask that you speak to the school and get this number.

If you have multiple requests for different years we do need to know the different dates and GUID numbers, this to make finding your photos easy.

Thanks for all your help. The more information you can provide the easier it is to find your photos!
Once your photos are available for you in your yearbook account one of the AYB team will drop you a message either via chat or email to let you know!

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