Boise Public Library Card Application for Boise School District Students
Boise School District is excited to offer your student an opportunity to access the offerings of Boise Public Library with a simplified card application process. Combined with the resources of the Boise School District Libraries, this program is intended to facilitate student access to a wider array of print and digital resources. As a parent or guardian of a BSD student, you may permit your child to take advantage of this opportunity by submitting the following:
Student's Last Name *
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Student's First Name *
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Student's Birthday *
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Full Name of Student's Parent/Guardian *
The individual identified here must be the one completing this application and, in doing so, agrees to assume responsibility for the retention of library materials by his/her minor child.
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Parent/Guardian's Street Address *
This is the street address that will be associated with the library card for notice and other communication purposes.
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Zip Code for above-provided address *
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Phone Number to be associated with library card *
Note: The last 4 digits of the phone number will become the library card PIN.
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Contact Email for the library card *
This email address will receive notices about the library account.
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By submitting this form you agree to the following:
* The information submitted though this form can be shared with the Boise Public Library.
* The parent/guardian is and agrees to remain financially responsible for fines his/her minor student accrues in connection with use of a library card provided pursuant to this application.
* In the event two people submit a form for one student, the information from the first form received by the Boise Public Library will be used to process the application.
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