What Makes Thornton?
As part of a project for South Square Centre in Thornton artist Andy Abbott is asking residents about what makes Thornton special and unique. Andy is especially interested in connecting with ‘makers’. That could include:

- a maker of art, craft, furniture
- a group that make great songs or poems
- a business that makes excellent food and drink
- an individual, club or association that makes people fitter, happier or healthier
- a charity of organisation that makes Thornton a better place to be!

The information gathered will feed into activities at Thornton Gala on Saturday 1st July, Thornton Village Street Market and Saturday 25th August, and an exhibition at South Square Gallery in December 2018.

If you’re a Thornton maker of any sort, or know someone that is, then please contribute.

You can answer as yourself, on behalf of a group your part of, or for someone or something else entirely!

Name of Maker / Business / Group / Person / Organisation
What do you / they make? (Pick as many as you think apply)
Describe what you/they make and any weblinks.
Where and when does it happen?
How did you get started/involved?
How can other people get involved?
What do you enjoy most about the activity?
What makes Thornton a great place to live/work/visit?
What would make it even better?
If you have related images/video/audio you can upload them here.
Would you like to be included in the publication / exhibition?
What is the best way to contact you
Contact details
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