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Book of John
Chapter 7          New King James Version and NRSV are the main translations used for Study.
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Why did Jesus not want to go to Judea? *
Hint: ( v. 1 )
What Feast was at hand? *
Hint: ( v. 2 )
Who didn't believe in Jesus? *
Hint ( v. 5 )
In verse fifteen what were those at the temple astonished by? *
Whose doctrine did Jesus declare he was teaching? *
Hint: ( v. 16 )
What verse in this passage of scripture tells us to not judge by appearance, but by right ( righteous ) judgement?
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What two scriptures and their punctuation have baffled scholars ( Ambrose, Chrysostom, Jerome, etc.) when trying to put proper emphasis on " drink " ( greek=pineto ), or " come to me "? *
The Gift of the Holy Spirit according to v. 39 can only become a reality to the believer after Jesus " glorification "? *
Why was there confusion about Jesus being the Messiah?
Hint: ( v. 42 )
Who was the individual who pleaded for due process and legal justice?
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What library consists of a large collection of gnostic writings? Which added to the diversity concerning thought in the early church?
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Can a person receive the Holy Spirit as a separate and subsequent experience, following conversion?
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The Calvinistic teaching of the Synod of Dordt, that when God chooses to give grace to sinners, that choice is effective, in such a way that even sinners who do not want grace are made willing to accept it, by the power of grace itself.
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What blest you the most from this chapter in your studies?
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