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Please note: this mentorship is open to everyone, but you'll be responsible for scheduling and paying for travel/accommodations to Flame Con.
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Please provide a brief summary of any previous experience you have with conventions, comics or otherwise. All are invited to apply, but this mentorship will provide the most benefit to artists with little-to-no previous convention experience.
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Do you want to draw mainstream comics? Webcomics? Covers? Make merchandise full-time? This will help Jen tailor the mentorship toward your aspirations and decide who to connect you with for additional advice!
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Write about your educational background and/or any relevant work experience. Are you currently a student? Working a day job? This will not be used as a deciding factor, but helps Jen get to know you!
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Anything else you'd like Jen to know? Use this as an opportunity to write a little about yourself, your background and your journey as an artist!
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