Bikeable Santa Rosa Interest Form
We are Santa Rosans of all ages and abilities who want the freedom to get where we need to go by bicycle without risking injury or death. We are joining forces to urge our city leaders to implement a genuinely low-stress, equitable bicycle network connecting all neighborhoods in the city. If you'd like to receive more information about our campaign, please fill out the following questions!
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To ensure that our campaign is truly representative of all of Santa Rosa, and to build our power as community members, it is helpful for us to keep track of what city council districts we all live and work in. Please specify your district information below. If you don't know your district information, you can look it up on the map at the bottom of this page:
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We want to give you all and only the information you need, and we want to provide it in the way that works best for you. Your selections below will help us manage this!  
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Language preferences: Would it be helpful for you or your community if our campaign communications were translated into another language? Please use the "other" field to specify which language. (We will try to be translating into Español by default, but are interested to know of the language and accessibility needs of everyone.)
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Would you be interested in getting involved more in the campaign as a leader and/or a regular volunteer? If so, please let us know and we can have a conversation about how you can plug in!
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This is a space for any questions, concerns, resources, or thoughts you'd like to share!
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