Sister Singers Network Membership
New members, please fill out the form completely.

Renewing members, just let us know the name of your chorus and answer a few confirming questions, so we credit the dues to the right chorus.

Pay dues electronically if you can (number of singers x $1; minimum $10). These ways of doing it are fee-free to you and to us:

* If your chorus banks with Chase, Bank of America, Capital One, First Bank, U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo, or any of the growing number of banks that offer Zelle, please use your bank's online payment process (Zelle, QuickPay, Person2Person, etc) to send payment to
* If your chorus has a PayPal account (or can set one up for this), go to PayPal > Send & Request > Send to friends & family, and send payment to

If you cannot pay electronically, please make checks (number of singers x $1; minimum $10) payable to Sister Singers Network, and mail along with a copy of this form to Sister Singers Network, PO Box 412280, Chicago, IL 60641-2280.

For questions about membership, please contact


FORM UPDATES: If you've just used the link from your membership confirmation to get here, please go through the form pages and make any changes needed for your info.
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