Map of Religious Resources in College - corrections
Heart to Heart's Map of Religious Resources in College ( have a lot of information and we try to keep it up to date, but that's impossible. Which is why we want your help - so if you see something incorrect or missing, please fill out this form, and we'll try to update it as accurately and quickly as we can.

We can't make it publicly accessible a) because of our mapping and hosting platform and b) because we want to try and keep the numbers and facts as objective as possible. Numbers will always vary a bit and there's no definitive way to measure, so you'll have to back up your claims - as you will for any other claims.

Please note: this map and resources listed is not comprehensive of all Jewish things on campus, as it's mostly tailored for religious students and needs. So for example, under minyan we're looking for Orthodox minyanim, and for learning we want programs/classes geared for religious students (as opposed to just for beginners). This map, or at least its current iteration, might not be for everyone, but that doesn't mean that H2H is not interested in servicing other populations - just that this resource is geared for a certain demographic and their specific needs.
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