Delegate Initial Application ALA Hawai'i Girls State June 2-5, 2020
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The American Legion Auxiliary Hawai'i Girls State (ALAHGS) is honored to offer this premier leadership program to the youth of Hawai'i. Mahalo for your interest in being a part of our 'State of Aloha!'
Please check website for deadline to apply.

To be eligible to participate in the ALA Girls State/Girls Nation programs must have just completed their Junior year of high school (meaning you should currently be a junior) and have at least one semester remaining, be a United States citizen or legal inhabitant of the United States as evidenced by a current and/or valid birth certificate, visa, passport, Green Card or other United States government-issued documentation verifying a legal presence in the United States for at least the duration of the ALA State/Girls Nation program.

If you are one of the two girls chosen to move on to go attend ALA Girls Nation in July, you must be able to clear a background check by the United States government, the White House and the U.S. Secret Service.

If invited and accepted into the prestigious ALA Hawai'i Girls State program, delegates provide a $100 donation to ALAHGS to offset a small portion of program expenses including lodging and meals in order to attend ALAHGS.

Scholarships are available based on need.
To apply for scholarship, please email the Director at:

ALAHGS is completely operated by volunteers (no paid staff).

Cancellation Policy: 30 Days prior 100% Refund; Cancellation 15-29 Days prior to start date 50% Refund; Cancellation less than 15 Days to start date will result in forfeiture of fees.

Delegates must arrange travel to and from the program at Hawaii Pacific University Aloha Tower Dorms.
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Applicant Community and Leadership
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Two delegates from ALA Hawai'i Girls State will be selected to represent Hawai'i at the ALA Girls Nation program in Washington, DC (travel and lodging costs covered by ALA) in July 2019. *
Availability for ALA Girls Nation will not affect your application to this program (ALA Hawai'i Girls State)
How did you hear about the program? *
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By typing your name below, you verify that you will make a tax deductible donation via check of $100 to ALA Hawai'i Girls State to offset the high cost for program expenses including participant's shirt, lodging and meals. (If financial is needed, please email the Director at:
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What's Next after Submitting this Application?
Mahalo for your application!

While ALA Hawai'i Girls State would like to be able to accept all applicants, our program can only accept a limited number of candidates. An email will be sent to your email address listed in this application to thank you for submitting an application.

A follow up email will be sent by March which will include an announcement stating whether or not you have qualified for the Interview Stage.

Interviews Times will be held on Sunday, MARCH 8 2020

To be prepared for this process please be certain to complete and bring the application packet (will be emailed)

1. Please have a copy of proof of citizenship ready to submit (driver's license or passport)
2. One photo of yourself
3. Two letters of recommendation should be submitted by end of February online.
4. Donation of $100

Please have your parent or guardian review this information prior to submitting the application.

Again, thank you for applying.
Please let us know if you have any questions.

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