HECO Node Election Application Form
Dear users and developers:
The progress of HECO would not have been possible without your support and company. In order to upgrade its management and improve its performance, the election of HECO nodes will be carried out.

This form is a registration form, please fill in it truthfully

The only website to participate in the HECO node election: https://www.hecochain.com/en-us/node

Participants who become node candidates will receive an official notification after the application is completed
Node name *
The node name will be displayed in the voting node list. It is recommended that the name should not exceed 50 characters.
Node introduction *
Please introduce the basic information of the node, such as vision, team, technical strength, etc.
Official website
Generally, it is the official website of an organization. If an individual builds a node, it is not necessary to fill in.
Email *
Phone number *
To become a node candidate, 5,000 HT must be staged. When the candidate withdraws from the election or withdraws from the node management, the staged HT will be released within 15 days of the withdrawal. Do you accept it? *
How many HT held by you (team)? *
How many HT have you (team) reserved for node election voting? *
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