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Proud Horizons Guidelines
Proud Horizons is a youth group specifically for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and straight ally youth ages 13 to 23.

The Proud Horizons Principles have been in effect since the creation of the group. They are in place to make sure that everyone in the group respects the rights and privacy of the other members. We frequently go over the principles to remind each other that even though any idea is open for discussion in Proud Horizons, that there are certain lines that we should and do not cross.

    We each have an unique and valuable story to tell.
    We respect ourselves by respecting others.
    We can talk about any idea.
    We never make personal attacks.
    We believe diversity enriches us all.
    We respect the privacy of group members by maintaining in confidence what occurs in the group.
I, ___________________, have read and understand the guidelines for facilitators and group members. I will comply fully with them and I understand that I cannot be allowed to be a part of the group if I do not comply with the guidelines. *
Alex Guyette
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