The Playing Survey: What motivates you most as you arrive?
You’re on the way to the golf course to play 18 holes. We think everything we’ve listed below is important, but can you rank them in order of most important (1) to least important (10). You’re not allowed any that are equal. One must always, however slight, be more important than the other.
Course condition *
Speed of play / Time to get round *
The time with friends *
I have a best ever score *
The locker rooms are immaculate *
The roll on the greens is true *
I win my game *
I play better than usual *
The weather is good *
Service is high-quality *
Remember they’re ALL important. And this isn’t what do you hate most? It’s what do you most look forward to when you’re driving to the club? What inspires you most to come to the club?
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