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To rescue & rehabilitate sick, injured or orphaned Australian native wildlife; when healthy, release back into their natural habitat. Educate the public on wildlife welfare & environmental benefits.
To be eligible to volunteer you must be:
1. Aged 18 or above.
2. Must love and have a desire to help our native wildlife!
3. Must always represent Wildlife Rockhampton in a professional & courteous manner.
4. Act in accordance with both legislative and Wildlife Rockhampton’s organisational policies and procedures.
5. Work with a team focus and under the guidance of our wildlife coordinators.
Volunteers of Wildlife Rockhampton – Rescue, Rehabilitation & Release Inc. will:

Support the aims & core values of Wildlife Rockhampton, abide by its Rules, Code of Conduct, Constitution & other by-laws that are enacted from time to time.

Comply with the following governing legislations:
* Nature Conservation Amendment Bill 1996
* Code of Practice: Care & Rehabilitation of Sick, Injured or Orphaned Protected Animals in Queensland
* Animal Care & Protection Act 2001

All activities undertaken as a volunteer are completely voluntary & are at my own expense & risk.

DUTY OF CARE: The volunteer agrees to not willingly place themselves in a rescue (or otherwise) situation whereby their safety is jeopardised (e.g. climbing trees and jumping fences). The volunteer also agrees to not handle any animal that they have not been trained in handling, or any animal that may be unsafe in accordance with the level of the volunteer’s experience. If the volunteer chooses to do any of the above, they do so at their own risk and take full responsibility.

TERMINATION OF ACCEPTANCE: This Acceptance may be terminated by either party, at any time and for any reason.

POLICIES AND PROCEDURES: All volunteers agree to adhere to all information and advice given by Wildlife Rockhampton members regarding the handling of animals, while participating in a Volunteer Program with Wildlife Rockhampton. If the volunteer is uncertain about a process or procedure surrounding the care and handling of an animal, they agree to contact Wildlife Rockhampton on 0429 469 453 (0429 GO WILD).

Wildlife Rockhampton controls access to personal & wildlife care information to protect the privacy of members’ & volunteers. Such information will not be shared with other public entities but may, on request, be shared with our governing bodies such as Department of Environment & Science (DES) & RSPCA or as required by law.

I acknowledge that my name & contact details will be stored on a volunteer database by Wildlife Rockhampton & may be circulated to other volunteers & members of Wildlife Rockhampton. I further understand that these details will not be sold for any purpose!

Note 1: Wildlife Rockhampton – Rescue, Rehabilitation & Release Inc. accepts no liability for any personal injury, property
damage or financial expense arising from any voluntary work undertaken for or on behalf of Wildlife Rockhampton.

Note 2: Please be aware that being a volunteer as a non-financial member, DOES NOT allow the rehabilitation of wildlife in any form, nor does it allow voting privileges at meetings.

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