Ban Toxic Fracking Waste from Greenwich, CT
To the Representative Town Meeting of Greenwich Connecticut,

We urge elected leaders of Greenwich to pass an ordinance that protects and preserves public health and safety and the natural resources of the Town, including but not limited to water and land, now and for future generations from the full scope of waste generated from natural gas and oil extraction activities-- by banning fracking and other oil & gas extraction wastes.

Thirty-seven towns in Connecticut and 400 municipalities in New York, including all five boroughs of New York City and 15 New York counties - including our neighbors in Westchester and Nassau - have passed local ordinances banning fracking waste.

There is currently no hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) occurring in Connecticut. Yet the fracking fields of Pennsylvania and other states are generating over a billion gallons of liquid waste, and millions of tons of solid waste. This poisonous waste is disposed of in eight states already.

There is no good reason to bring toxic waste into our town. We can protect our community, our children, local ecosystems, property values, and water supply in Greenwich. Keep Greenwich fracking-waste free.

The water used in fracking contains not only the chemicals that were added, but also contaminants the water encounters underground - often including radioactive elements such as radium, lead, and radon. These toxins are known to cause multiple cancers, multiple organ damage, neurological and developmental problems, birth defects, embryo toxicity, and other health problems. There are no good options for bringing this waste to Connecticut for treatment, disposal,l or reuse.

In 2014, Connecticut legislature passed a moratorium temporarily banning the acceptance of some types of contaminated fracking waste. Connecticut also assigned the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (“DEEP”) the task of preparing a set of regulations regarding oil and gas fracturing extraction waste. It remains to be seen what the scope of such regulation will involve. The moratorium does not prohibit all types of wastes created during other processes, including drilling, production and treatment to remove impurities and condensates, from entering our state.

In 2017, efforts to extend the moratorium or outright ban fracking wastes statewide were unsuccessful. Although the House (including Greenwich’s four Representatives) voted overwhelmingly to support State Bill 6329, that would have permanently banned some forms of fracking waste, the Senate failed to bring it to a vote.

We cannot wait for the state to take action. Greenwich must permanently ban all out-of-state toxic oil and gas processing waste including ‘road de-icer’, construction fill or capping, and other by-products from ever entering Greenwich, CT. We know firsthand in Greenwich, CT about the serious issues associated with toxic fill and the cost to the health of our children. We know better now. Let's not repeat this mistake.

About this Petition
This petition was created by Greenwich Conservation Advocates, a group of residents of Greenwich, CT committed to protecting our town's water and other natural resources.

The petition will be presented to elected and appointed town leaders for the purpose of promoting a local ordinance as described herein.

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