RADIO TRANSFIGURATION, Voix du Chrétien Universel Rassemblé Dans Yahweh.            AGREEMENT /CONTRAT
Aidez nous à bâtir une communauté transfigurée à l'instar de Jésus via la prière et la dévotion à Dieu notre père Faites un don, un cadeau pour toucher plus de monde possible

                 Title 26, United States Code Section: 2501, 2502, 2503, 2504, 2511

I do hereby declare under penalties of perjury that the following statements are true and correct to the very best of my knowledge. Any and all property of any nature that I transfer from my ownership and possession to THE RECIPIENT of my gift, is intended as a gift and not as an investment. I have not been sold anything and I have not purchased anything , and I have not been offers any opportunity to do so.
  I perceive no agreement between myself and THE RECIPIENT of my gift, and I expect no profit, benefit, or opportunity  of any nature in consideration of the property that I have been transfer as a gift. I believe that I am totally within the law, as it pertains to my activities as herein described.

My intent is to give a gift of $$$$$$$ to an individual, and I do not intend to gift as an investment, or as a payment for which I am owed anything of any value or nature. I understand that the gifting activity accepts only gifts, and that they absolutely not accept any property offered with the intent of it's owner that a future return or opportunity be obtained or secured by virtue of their having transferred said gift to another individual.

I have agreed under this gift contract to not reassert any rights to the property that I now give freely as a gift to another individual .  I am fully informed and consenting adult and I have not been misled in anyway.

I do hereby declare under penalties of perjury that the foregoing statement is true and correct, and are binding upon me to the full extent expressed therein.

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