LiUNA Local 737 Membership Survey
Local 737 leadership believes that it is important we be open to listen to the local union membership. We need to have an informed and engaged membership to be successful in the efforts to move our union forward. Our goal of this survey is to better understand the demographics and interest of the LiUNA Local 737 membership. The data collected will be used to assist in developing a strategic plan that strengthens our union, better supports our members, and encourages member engagement and involvement. This survey will be anonymous and there will be follow up in specific areas of focus to collect member information to build membership Solidarity, Strength, and Power. This survey will be open through Friday, January 28th.
Member Demographics
What is your current LiUNA Local 737 status?
What is your age?
State and County of permanent residence?
Union Communications
How often do you use the website?
What is the best way to Share Union information, News, and Updates with you?
Do you have Recommendations for improving Local 737 communications to members, including website?
Union Participation
How often do you attend union meetings?
If you marked "Never", what would encourage you to start attending union meetings?
What Local 737 Committees do you participate in, or would you participate in if available? (Check all that apply)
What other Local 737 activities do you participate in, or would if available? (Check all that apply)
How interested are you in getting more involved in Local 737 meetings and activities?
Member Attitudes
What made you want to become a member of LIUNA
How Satisfied are you with being a LIUNA member
List the top three things you like most about being a member of LiUNA 737
What is the biggest complaint you have about being a member of LIUNA local 737?
In your opinion what are the biggest problems local 737 faces today?
What are some examples of potential solutions to these problems?
Additional Comments & Suggestions
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