Town of Babylon Survey
The Town of Babylon has begun the planning process on the following documents:

1. The 2020-2024 Consolidated Plan;
2. The 2020 Annual Action Plan; and
3. The Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice.

Each of these documents are required by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and are related to the local receipt of federal funds through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and the HOME Program. The purposes of these plans are to identify the Town of Babylon's needs related to housing, economic/community development, homeless persons, public facilities, and identification of fair housing barriers within the Town. A key component of this process involves hearing from members of the public on issues of community needs, fair housing, and housing choice. The questions on the following pages are intended to serve these purposes.

Your responses will be kept strictly confidential. We will only report this information in combination with the other survey responses and in summary forma to protect your privacy. Please do not place your name or other identifying information anywhere on the survey. You may discontinue your participation at any time without loss of benefits otherwise afforded to you. If you have questions about the use of survey information, or about this survey in general, please call the Town of Babylon's Department of Community Development at (631) 587-3752 x6011.

Como residente activo del Pueblo de Babylon, se necesita su opinión!
Su opinión informará y aydará a proporcionar orientación
para las prioridades de financiamiento en el Pueblo de
Babylon en los años que vendrán.

Para más información puede llamar: El Pueblo de Babylon
el Departamento del Desarollo Comunitario

Please indicate the ZIP Code of your residence
Your answer
Where do you work?
Please select the annual income range that most accurately reflects your total household income.
Which is your age group.
In which field(s) are you employed?
The U.S. Census Bureau considers the following to be "minority groups:" Black, Asian, Pacific Islander, or American Indian/Alaska Native. Are you a member of one of these groups?
Is a language other than English spoken regularly in your household?
If yes, what language?
Your answer
Does a member of your household have a disability?
How satisfied are you with your current living situation?
If you are not satisfied with your current living situation, what are the reasons for your dissatisfaction? (SELECT ALL THAT APPLY)
If you answered “Too expensive” in the previous question, what factor is the greatest cost burden for you?
Which of the following are important considerations to you in choosing a place to live? (SELECT ALL THAT APPLY)
Please identify the area where you currently reside.
Please rank the following Public Facility Needs within the Town of Babylon on a scale ranging from a low need to a high need.
Low Need
Moderate Need
High Need
Community Centers and Facilities (i.e. Youth Centers, Senior Centers)
Child Care Centers
Community Parks, Recreational Facilities, and Cultural Centers
Health Care Facilities
Public Safety Offices (Fire, Police, Emergency Management)
Street, Road, or Sidewalk Improvements
Please rank the following Economic/Community Development Needs within the Town of Babylon on a scale ranging from a low need to a high need.
Low Need
Moderate Need
High Need
Financial Assistance for Community Organizations
Financial Assistance to Entrepreneurs and Job Creators
Redevelopment/Rehabilitation/Demolition of Blighted Properties
Increase Code Enforcement Efforts
Please rank the following Housing Needs within the Town of Babylon on a scale ranging from a low need to a high need.
Low Need
Moderate Need
High Need
Down Payment Assistance/1st Time Homebuyer Program
Rehabilitation of Current Housing including Rental Units
Energy Efficiency Improvements to Current Housing
New Construction of Housing for Homeownership
New Construction of Affordable Rental Units
Please rank the following Public Service Needs within the Town of Babylon on a scale ranging from a low need to a high need.
Low Need
Moderate Need
High Need
Employment Training
Housing Counseling
Legal Services
Youth Services
Senior Services
Food Banks
Neighborhood Cleanups
Please rank the following Homeless Needs within the Town of Babylon on a scale ranging from a low need to a high need.
Low Need
Moderate Need
High Need
Accessibility to Homeless Shelters
Programs to Prevent Homelessness
Transitional/Supportive Housing Programs
Is Public Transportation to major employers available in your area?
Does Public Transportation service coincide with work schedules at your place of employment?
Is access to Public Transportation available in your neighborhood?
Regarding public services provided in the Town of Babylon, which of the following do you feel are Equally provided through all areas of the Town? (SELECT ALL THAT APPLY)
Which of the following public services are NOT EQUALLY provided across all Town of Babylon neighborhoods?
Since living in the Town of Babylon, have you experienced housing discrimination?
If yes, who discriminated against you? (CHECK ALL THAT APPLY)
If you experienced housing discrimination, did you file a report?
If you answered "No", why didn't you file? (SELECT ONE)
Do you understand your Fair Housing Rights?
Do you know where to file a housing discrimination complaint?
What is your current housing status?
What percentage of your monthly income is used for housing expenses? (include rent or mortgage, taxes, insurance, and utility payments)
Please select whether the following are barriers to Fair Housing within the Town of Babylon.
Not a Barrier
Income levels of minority and female-headed households
Concentration of low income housing in certain areas
Concentration of group homes in certain neighborhoods
Limitations on density of housing
Lack of adequate zoning for manufactured housing
Restrictive covenants by homeowner associations or neighborhood organizations
Limited capacity of a local organization devoted to fair housing investigation/testing
Lack of knowledge among residents regarding fair housing
Lack of knowledge among large landlords/property managers regarding fair housing
Lack of knowledge among real estate agents regarding fair housing
Lack of knowledge among bankers/lenders regarding fair housing
Please use the box below to provide any additional information regarding Housing and Community Development to be addressed to the Town of Babylon.
Your answer
Thank you
Thank you for your time in completing this survey and assisting with this Fair Housing Study for the Town of Babylon. If you are completing a printed copy of this survey, please return the completed survey to the following location:

Town of Babylon
Department of Community Development
47 West Main Street, Suite 1
Babylon, NY 11702

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