Uncommon Sense Nomination Form (Summer 2021)
This form is for instructors to nominate exceptional students for the Uncommon Sense Summer Seminar (bitbybitcoding.org/uncommonsenseseminar). Students need to be recommended to be eligible to apply. See our website for FAQs about this form (bitbybitcoding.org/uncommonsenseseminar#faqs).
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Briefly, what is your relationship to the student(s) (for example, "math teacher")? *
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What kind of student should I nominate?
We expect that students who possess at least a few of the following traits and inclinations will be great fits for Uncommon Sense:

- possesses agency and independent ambition. (When faced with a challenge, does the student invent and pursue their own solutions without being prompted or told to do so?)

- carefully thinks through their decisions with reason and evidence

- creates effective plans for achieving their important goals

- possessing an affinity for truth, especially when it contradicts their current beliefs

- desires to make the world a better place, has a plan to do this, and has taken steps towards their plan

- has an interest in rationality and cognition topics such as cognitive biases, psychology, economics, AI, and philosophy.

A good applicant probably possesses at least three of these traits, though there are sure to be plenty of exceptions. For more details, please see the end of the FAQ section at bitbybitcoding.org/uncommonsenseseminar#faqs
Please list the emails of all of the students you would like to nominate for Uncommon Sense, separated by commas. See our website for a breakdown of the traits that make a student a good candidate for the program. Please do not nominate more than 10 students. *
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