Python Workshop
Welcome to Python Workshop.In this Workshop, we will be learning to program in Python, a powerful language used by sites like Google (Youtube), Facebook (Tornado), Dropbox, Yahoo, NASA, IBM, Mozilla , Quora , Instagram , Reddit and many more .Python is one of the fastest growing major programming language .This workshop is generally for students who have never worked in Python(or has very little knowledge).During the Workshop, we will be writing lot of programs and examples in Python . So before you start , you will need Python on your computer, Please follow the installation step depending on device you will be using for workshop.
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Installation Step

PC/Laptop Windows User

1.Download Anaconda Python 3.6 from below link

Linux User
1.Download Anaconda Python 3.6 from below link

1.Download Anaconda Python 3.6 from below link

Android Phone/Tablet
1.Install Termux from Play Store
2.Start Termux
3.Run the following Command
$ apt install clang python python-dev fftw libzmq libzmq-dev freetype freetype-dev libpng libpng-dev pkg-config
$ apt install libzmq libzmq-dev
$ LDFLAGS=" -lm -lcompiler_rt" pip install jupyter
$ jupyter notebook

(Optional Step , we will discuss this during the workshop if not clear)
The server won't automatically open a browser but you can copy the URL from the output and paste it into Chrome or Firefox.

Iphone User
1)Install Pythonista
2)Comes with inbuilt python

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