Volunteer Registration for Birmingham Zoo's: Magic City Wine Fest.
Date: May 11th, 2019
Time: See below for shift time information
Location: The Birmingham Zoo, 2630 Cahaba Rd. Birmingham, AL 35223

All volunteers must be at least 21 years of age to volunteer.We have a maximum number of volunteer positions available for Magic City Wine Fest, and spaces may fill up quickly, so please sign up in advance. Also, remember that all volunteers must sign in upon arrival at the Zoo and out when leaving the Zoo to ensure that we know that all volunteers have completed their assignments.

Volunteers are not permitted to drink while they are volunteering- if you do, we will ask you to leave immediately.

General Information

- How Do I Prepare? - This is a rain or shine event. Please dress for the weather. We recommend dressing in layers if it is anticipated to be cold and/or inclement. This way if you get warm as you work, you can shed layers and stay comfortable. Also, don't be afraid to bring a water bottle with you to help you stay refreshed and hydrated. Finally...WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES!

- What is Expected of Me? We expect you to be on time for your shift, courteous and helpful to festival patrons, vendors, and competitors and to do your assigned job to the best of your abilities. Please act in a professional manner and refrain from drinking alcohol and smoking while on shift.

Set Up Crew/Ice Runners for Event : 10 Volunteers needed from 4:00PM-9:00PM

Wine Pourers: 120 Volunteers needed to pour wine for the event; training will be provided for all volunteers at 4:30PM. You will be directed to training after login.

Entrance Volunteers: 20 Volunteers needed to scan pre-paid tickets, hand out glasses and bags and help with the entry process.

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Opportunities Available
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Please check the box below for the opportunity you would like to register for. Please prioritize the wine pouring shifts. All shifts will receive pourer training which will begin at 4:30PM, you will be directed there after sign in.
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