Book Consignment Request
Thank you for contacting The Bookery about stocking your book. Please complete the following application and mail or drop off a finished copy of your book for review at 844 Elm St, Manchester, NH 03101. We will email you when the review copy of your book is ready for pick up. If there is no response from you within three weeks of our notifying you that the copy is ready for pickup, we reserve the right to do whatever is convenient with your review copy.
Important Information
Please review all of the bullet points below as they contain important information for authors if your book is stocked at Bookery Manchester.

- If the Bookery decides to stock your book, we will gladly display marketing materials on our community bulletin boards (i.e., flyers, handouts, posters, etc.). However, we ask that the marketing materials you give us to display in our shop list only the Bookery as a place to purchase your book. Due to space constraints, we do not have the capability to pass out any flyers or bookmarks.

- If the Bookery decides to stock your book, we require that the Bookery be listed as a place to purchase your book in any spaces where you list other retailers (your website, for example).

- If stocked, the sales price of your book will be split with The Bookery Manchester at a 60%/40% split.

- If stocked, the book will be on our shelves for 3 months. After that period of time, the match between your book and the Bookery will be re - evaluated.

- If the Bookery decides to “un - stock”/return your book, we will email you asking if you’d like us to ship the copies left in our bookshop (for which you will need to pre - pay for postage to your home/office), set them aside for in - store pickup, or donate them. If there is no response after 6 weeks and a final follow - up email, we reserve the right to do whatever is convenient with the copies.

- The Bookery is not responsible for lost or stolen titles.

- Payments are made via check on a quarterly basis.

- If you’d like to check inventory levels once a month, please email to contact Elizabeth Cipriano, General Manager. Please note that we may not be able to accommodate frequent inventory level checks, so a max of one check - in per month is recommended to keep the program running smoothly.
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