Request for Proposals for 2018 MINN Summit Breakout Sessions
The Minnesota International NGO Network (MINN) welcomes your proposals for the sixth annual MINN Summit on Friday, September 28 at the Hubert H. Humphrey School of Public Affairs. Please join us in applying to be a part of the biggest Summit yet!

Each year, the Summit brings together global citizens from nonprofit organizations, NGOs, foundations, the private sector, and educational institutions with a professional or personal interest in international development. MINN Summit attendees will connect, share, and learn during breakout sessions and workshops throughout the day.

Each session will be 60-75 minutes on a topic related to the work of international development. Since we are striving to be inclusive and host a range of voices, we may ask two speakers to present in the same session. If we choose to partner you with another speaker, you will be given support to help facilitate this experience.

By participating as a speaker at the MINN Summit you will receive:
-Free admission to the 2018 MINN Summit
-Free breakfast & lunch at the conference
-Your name & session advertised on the MINN website & social media
-Opportunity to showcase your expertise and organization

For more information: visit the MINN Summit website at or see last year's sessions at

July 31 - Deadline for submissions
August 10 - Selected speakers will be notified
September 28 - MINN Summit from 9am-5pm at the Humphrey School
Questions - Email us!
If you have questions or would like to get recommendations for workshop topics, please contact the MINN Summit Committee at
Further Information
We are striving to host a variety of innovative opportunities for attendees to engage with each other and learn concrete skills which they can transfer to their work. We are looking for a wide range of speakers, expertise, workshop styles and themes to participate in the Summit.

At last year’s Summit, we hosted a workshop called the “Solutions Salon” ( which allowed participants to discuss common challenges in their work and brainstorm potential solutions. The “Solutions Salon” is a great example of the type of creative and engaging ideas that we hope to include in the 2018 Summit.

MINN administers an annual survey to gauge the interests of the individuals within our network and MINN Summit attendees. Topics in which attendees have expressed interest include:
-Skills-focused workshops
-Fundraising: such as how to build a fundraising plan, how to seek major gifts
-Professional / job-seeking advice
-A presentation geared towards small NGOs about communications, legal concerns, etc.
-Transferable lessons and innovation from the field
-Topic areas around: MENA, Russia, China, global health/MCH

Please note we are happy to accept proposals outside of these areas.

Session Title *
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If yes, we ask that you send the Power Points or documents one week in advance so they can be pre-loaded onto our website.
Presenter 1 Contact Information
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If you have questions, please contact the MINN Summit Committee at

We will contact presenters by August 10 to notify them of their acceptance.

Selection of presentations will be based on the following areas:
1. Appeal to Summit attendees as global citizens
2. Creativity and uniqueness
3. Clarity of presentation
4. Relevance to international development
5. Background/expertise on proposed topic area
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