Innovative Dance Classic Wichita 2022 Studio Registration
Saturday, January 22nd: Solos, Duets, Trios, Officers, Ensembles, Teams

Hosted by the Newton Railiners Dance Team!

Register by November 1, 2021 for 50% off your third team routine.

Registration is due December 17, 2021. Checks should be made out to Innovative Choreography, LLC. Credit card payment is a possibility (~3% convenience fee is added).

Please email a photo of your team to (This will be used for the Social Media Challenge)

Please fill out a SEPARATE registration for each of your teams. For example, if you have a Mini, Junior, Teen, and Senior group, please fill out four separate registrations. We understand some routines may have an overlap of students. Use your best judgment for which registration to include it on. We suggest you look at average age and include all dances of that age group on the same registration. If you have questions about this, please let us know!

If you want your studio entered as one big team, no problem. Only one registration is needed. Please keep in mind this does affect All Around Innovative awards for your studio. As a studio, all team entries would be entered under one "team" and therefore you are only eligible for one All Around Innovative Team award. If you want your separate levels of teams to be eligible independently, you should fill out separate forms.
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Updates/Changes for 2022
*Video critique judge will have a microphone to ensure sound quality.
*Continuing in 2022: The Social Media Challenge has grown and adapted to promote a charity of your choice. Innovative Choreography will make a donation on behalf of the winning team to the winning team's charity of choice!
*Virtual submissions will still be accepted!
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