Chef Curry Scholarship Application
In the spirit of good food, good health, good vibes, creativity beyond these blue skies and a guaranteed an all out good time (yep, alla that!) -- YO STAY HUNGRY presents the Chef Curry Scholarship! As a tribute to one the best to ever do it, Chef Terrell Curry, the Chef Curry scholarship is offered to rising cooking and baking aficionados who are pursuing careers in culinary arts careers in the flyest of ways and are working to spread their love for food to the masses. We're out here just trying to continue the legacy of supporting our own with the resources to grow *keys, keys open doors*. SO, if you are making moves in the kitchen, sharpening your skills to get into chef school or culinary program, thinking of a master plan to become a Top Chef or prepping to launch a your own culinary biz, then THIS one's for YOU!

Eligibility Requirements
-Must be a United States resident.
-Must be between the ages of 16-22.
-Must intend to enroll in, already be enrolled in a culinary school/program OR plan to launch a culinary business.
-Must have a passion for culinary arts.
-Have or will participate in a past or future STAY HUNGRY competition.

The Chef Curry Scholarship can be used to:
- Support enrollment in a culinary class, workshop or institute
- Purchase culinary books and/or supplies
- Launch culinary business

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