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Boyfriend (n.)
1) A frequent or regular male companion with whom one has a romantic or sexual
2) A myth. A legend. Impossible to find.
According to her eighty-year-old neighbor, Lizzie Donovan is looking for Mr. Right in all the
wrong places. Though it’s made great fodder for her blog, Lizzie is finally tired of swiping left
and awful blind dates, and she’s ready to take Mrs. Skinner’s advice and find love the old-
fashioned way. Goodbye dating app, hello grocery store, book store, dog park, and wherever
else she might be able to meet a good man. And she really has nothing to lose. Not only will she
be entertained along the way, but even if she ends up alone, she’ll always have her longtime
best friend, Aiden, by her side.

Friend zone (n.)
1) A situation in which a friendship exists between two people, one of whom has an
unreciprocated romantic or sexual interest in the other.
2) Location of Aiden Wallace.
According to his eighty-year-old neighbor, Aiden Wallace has been friend zoned. And that’s
mostly his fault because instead of opening his eyes and seeing what was right in front of him,
Aidan has spent the last several years enjoying the single life. But things have changed—he has
changed—and now he needs his best friend, Lizzie, to stop shoving him into the friend zone so
he can work at winning her heart. Until then, he’s stuck watching her string of dating disasters
and wishing she’d believe him when he tells her he’s the one.

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