Fish In School Hero Programme
Welcome to the Fish in Schools Hero Programme registration
Register here to be a Fish In School Hero. Fish Heroes are fish industry colleagues who support their local secondary schools in our aim to give every child an opportunity to prepare and cook fish by the time they leave school.
You can read about the programme by visiting our website.

We need to have just a few details about you, to connect you with your local schools.
Heroes can offer different sorts of support, these might include:
1. Supplying discounted or free fish supplies for a cooking lesson
2. Fishmonger demonstration of how to fillet and prepare fish
3. Chef demonstration of a preparing and cooking a fish dish
4. A careers talk about the opportunities in the fish industry
5. Visit to a fishmonger, restaurant, fish production or supplier.

Your contact details will be collected in a School Support Directory, so that local schools can then contact you directly to ask for help. You can then discuss with them what you can offer and when this will take place. Think of it like a matching service.

You will also be invited to join the On Line Fish in School Hero Community, where there is guidance on how to work with your local schools.

This programme is supported by the Fishmongers’ Company’s Fisheries Charitable Trust and managed by the Food Teachers Centre and their volunteer team throughout the UK.
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