2022/23 General Volunteer Form
Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering for Black Surf Santa Cruz! We are super stoked about the possibility of us working together. Our mission is to promote physical, spiritual and communal healing through surf, education, recreation and advocacy. We do this by intentionally centering and celebrating Black, Indigenous and other communities of color. 

We appreciate your willingness to complete this form so we can ensure that you are the right fit and that we are creating safe spaces for our participants. We estimate that it will take about 20 minutes to complete. 
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In your volunteer role you will be a community-facing representative of a community that centers the leadership and experiences of Black, Indigenous and people of color communities. How does your personal and/or professional experience prepare you for this role?
How do you think your personal relationship with power and privilege will impact how you interface with the role, the organization, and the community?
Please note any medical, special and accessibility needs:
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Describe your relationship to the Santa Cruz community. (for example: do you live in or near Santa Cruz work in Santa Cruz, have community/family connections, spend time here, etc)?
What other skills do you have that you might be excited to share?
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