Karkhana Community of Changemakers [Takes 2 minutes]
With great enthusiasm, Karkhana invites young individuals who come together with a shared passion: to revolutionize the educational landscape of Nepal and make a positive impact on their society. 
Guided by a shared vision of a better-educated world and a shared commitment to assist in that change and creating a platform for youth engagement,  the Karkhana Community of Changemakers welcomes those who are purposeful in their goal of shaping a brighter future through education. 
It would include activities such as educational workshops, seminars, discussions, community service projects, and initiatives aimed at addressing societal issues which would provide a lot of exposure by expanding your network and gaining essential skills.

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"Individuals with appropriate skills and attitudes towards the educational landscape of today have the potential to establish an empowered community. This community, driven by a shared purpose, will cultivate a culture of local innovation with the potential to create a global ripple effect.

By nurturing this spirit of local innovation, they not only shape their own future but also contribute to shaping the trajectory of the broader community and making a significant global impact."

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