Itsy Bitsy Book Bits General EBOOK Services Interest Form 2024
This is a general interest form to help facilitate having Itsy Bitsy Book Bits run your tour. Please fill out the information and either pic from the dates I have available or in the other field post the date you want/need. If your date is available I will send you an actual contract and list of items to send. You must fill out the contract within 24 hours and pay within 48 hours or I will move on to the next person no exceptions as too many folks are booking dates and then not using them.

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Author's First & Last Pen Name *
Book Title - Please NOTE you must fill out this sheet INDIVIDUALLY for each book. You can not say (3 books) or (whole series) etc.

Book Genre *
An Amazon link to one of your books (or this one) *
Author's Email Address - PLEASE only put an email address in here. Nothing in front or after  the email address *
Are you the publisher booking for an author? If yes please put your name and email address in this box. If not leave blank
How did you hear about Itsy Bitsy Book Bits? If someone referred you please tell me who I do special  things for referrals:) *
Tour Dates: (This is the start date, end date will depend on which package you choose) I will do a first come basis, if your date is all full I will move you to the next available date after your chosen date. If your date isn't listed please put your date in the other field located at the very end and I will do my best to accommodate. VERY VERY IMPORTANT!! AMAZON DOES NOT ALLOW REVIEWS TO BE POSTED BEFORE A BOOK IS LIVE. YOUR START/REQUEST DATE MUST BE ON RELEASE DAY OR LATER.

Please do not put a random date in here, please pick an actual date or add in the actual date. Saying December or 2024 is not sufficient. 
Are you looking for just information or are you ready to book? *
Is this for a Book Trailer or Teaser package? *
When was this book released or when will it be released? *
Please note this IS NOT a contract and you are not being locked in to anything. I will follow this up with an email and then an actual contract:) *
Do you have a discount or special code? If you have one please put it here. If you do not then this can be left blank.
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