Open Day  of  the combined Australian churches online monthly Perfecting Training ,  Saturday, 12th September 2020
Thanks for joining the Open Day.
If you missed it or would like to listen to the messages again, here are the details.

Outlines of messages:
You can download the outlines of the two messages from: under the "Open Day folder" (available from Friday afernoon)

Audio recordings of messages:
You can download audio recordings of the messages from under the  "Perfecting Training 2020 Open Day"  folder (available from Monday, 14th September afternoon).

We also encourage you to join the Biannual Perfecting Training which will be hosted by the church in Sydney from Saturday, 24th to Lord's Day, 25th October. For details and to register go to :

This was the invitation details to the past Open Day:

"A training in the Lord’s recovery is very crucial, and we must bear the burden to pray for it. Without a training the church cannot be prevailing. Because of the training, a number of saints who have been in the church life for only a short time have been growing quickly. Without a training, however, we may all be common Christians, simply attending the meetings year after year. To be trained makes a great difference in our Christian life. After a few months of training we will never be the same. The regular church meetings help us only in a general way. The training, however, helps us in particular ways. To be trained is to become more useful in the Lord’s hands."
From "The exercise and practice of the God ordained way"

Through fellowship amongst the responsible brothers in the localities which have been conducting monthly perfecting training, we feel good to have a combined online monthly perfecting of the churches starting on Saturday, 12th September.

As this will be our first combined online monthly training, we would like to have this Open Day for those of you who are not currently enrolled in a monthly perfecting in your locality to join and taste what the monthly perfecting training would be like.

For those of you who are already enrolled in the current monthly perfecting training in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne or Sydney, you do not need to register here as you have already enrolled.

During this morning training, there will be a session of truth presentation where trainees will present present the truths that they have been studying and enjoying. If you have not yet been pursuing the truths regularly, don't worry, simply enjoy the presentation. Then there will be two messages - one on the line of life and the other on the line of the practice of the God-ordained way followed by testimonies.

 In the coming months, we will have firstly the Biannual Perfecting Training in October and then the next series of monthly perfecting training from November 2020 to March 2021 (a commitment of 5 months). You will have an opportunity to join these when we send out more details in the coming weeks.

We request that all brothers who register for this Open Day wear a light colored shirt.

DATE : Saturday, 12th September 2020
TIME: 9:55 am - 1:00 pm (SYDNEY time)
There will be no registration fees.
DEADLINE for registration: Monday, 8th September 2020

For further details, please talk to the responsible brothers in your locality or email us at

Grace be with you.

The Australian churches perfecting training coordinators

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