Asia Region Anti-Trafficking Conference Info Request
As we are still in the process of selecting speakers and topics, we wanted to reach out and collect your initial thoughts. It is our goal for this conference to be beneficial to as many organizations as possible. To do so, we want to ask a few questions that we hope you have time to answer. This will help us prepare the most relevant topics and best conference experience for you. For additional inquiries please contact us at
Which country do you primarily work in?
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Which sector do you work in?
Is anti trafficking the primary focus of your organisation?
How long has your organisation been carrying out anti trafficking programming?
How long have you been working in anti-trafficking?
What is your job title or role?
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What specific program areas is your organisation working in?
What do you think are the upcoming issues we need to discuss at this conference?
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In which program or knowledge areas do you want to grow your capacity?
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Where would you like to expand your networks - ie sectors/countries?
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Please share any other requests or comments here:
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