2019 Ministry Exploration Internship Application
The Ministry Exploration Internship is a program of the Michigan Annual Conference.
Its purpose is to help local churches to engage young people from their congregation in the exploration of the ministry of the elder. A grant of $2000 will be awarded to each local church.

The Ministry Exploration Internship Is:
-For a person exploring pastoral ministry between the ages of 18 and 25 – preference will be given to college-aged students who are not currently attending seminary.
-A way for a congregation to support a young person who is a member or constituent in exploring identified gifts for ministry.
-A grant to support the mentoring between pastor and ministry exploration intern

The Ministry Exploration Internship Is Not:
-A grant to add temporary/part-time ministry personnel to a church.
-A way to hire a youth minister for the summer.

Ministry Exploration Internship Requirements:
-Pastor/Mentor and Intern will attend an orientation training (date and location TBD)
-Serve in an 8-week internship at the local church, one of those weeks the intern provides service as a counselor at a Michigan Area Camps and Retreats location, or participates in a week-long mission trip, or social justice initiative.
-Establish a mentoring relationship between pastor and intern.
-Provide close supervision with weekly feedback.
-Provide at least one opportunity for preaching (along with guidance).
-Place the intern in opportunities for leadership in the church.
-Include opportunities for pastoral care, preaching, program leadership
-Pastor and Intern shall together read and discuss John Wesley’s Message for
Today (Pocket Edition) by Lovett Weems.
-Interns will attend a closing gathering (date and time TBD)

If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Batten, Conference Young Adult Ministries, at lbatten@michiganumc.org
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