This form is for businesses wishing to apply for a self sufficient (stand alone) trading pitch at Wilderness Festival. Please note this form is ONLY for Non-Food trading. If you are a therapist (for wellbeing area) or you have a service like compost loo's or lockers or wheelbarrow boys etc - Please email info@wildernessfestival.com - DO NOT fill out this form.


TRADING DATES: 30th July - 2nd August
YOU MUST BE AVAILABLE 28th July - 3rd August
You must arrive on Tuesday 28th July to set up your pitch
You cannot move your vehicles or break down your tent / pitch until Monday morning 7th August

WEBSITE http://www.wildernessfestival.com/
VIDEOS: Here is the YouTube channel - we really suggest you have a browse as it gives you a great indication of the audience, what they wear, listen too, watch and mostly, the sort of style and quality Wilderness curate in terms of Non- Musical entertainment. https://www.youtube.com/user/WildernessHQ/featured
FACEBOOK:: https://www.facebook.com/wildernessfestival/

Please complete this form by clicking SUBMIT at the end.
To validate your application you MUST send images of both your stall set up and a selection of the products you sell - BY POST - I.e. you must print them and send them in an envelope...Without these visual images your application cannot be accepted. We cannot accept images sent digitally. Many of you have emailed images to the info@ email address saying you could not 'upload them' here...... PLEASE NOTE there is no upload function - I won't reply to your application without first receiving images of your stall and products printed out in hard copy and sent to me.

I cannot stress enough how pictures speak a thousand words and selection will be based on your ability to make your stall look creative, classy, original and bespoke. No jumble sales from India please!

Please don't 'draw' your stall as a diagram - This tells me nothing and I wont accept you on this - if it's not built yet please wait until it is, set it up outdoors and take pictures. If this is impossible then you have to somehow communicate to me via your aesthetic and previous set up's the level of your presentation. We actively seek those not 'set up' for the festival tour as this brings originality to the curation, for example you may be a small boutique shop whom has never done a festival before. That is fine, and understandable that you may not have images of an outdoor structure BUT we need to see images of your stock displayed in the shop and an image of the structure you indeed to hire or buy.

You MUST state what structure you are using - any 'TBC' answers will not be considered and you must send an image of this structure.

Wilderness festival does not accept PVC tents. This means you must effectively cover your PVC tent or you must bring a canvas alternative and of course priority will be given to canvas tents. We understand this is a big ask but Wilderness pride them selves on everything looking incredible, natural and of a high quality and the stalls should be no different.
This has been a sticking point for many traders and sometimes traders just turn up with non covered PVC tents and let the side down. There is nothing we can do when this happens but not invite the traders back.

PVC tents which are lined inside and have a 'frontage sign' on poles which hides the front facing section of PVC entirely is acceptable but please do think about and indicate what will be done with the inside walls.

Wilderness does not accept PVC signs or banners. You must bring hand painted signage or use chalk boards etc. Please note, this year, all PVC banners will be requested to be taken down if you erect them.

It's about it looking good and looking quality - if you have a run of traders all looking incredible you all do better.

You can camp behind your stall and keep one vehicle with you for sleeping in and / or stock. Please be accurate with your dimensions of your plot as we are looking this year to pre site you in certain locations and your size will not be able to change.

Priority is given to independent designers who design and / or make what they sell. And certainly to those who make / produce in England. This is a very important element to Wilderness festival and a particular push for this year.

It is not guaranteed that you will be selected if you have been selected in previous years.

Please send the images either printed on A4 paper or stapled to A4 sheets.

Please attach them to a covering letter stating your:
Stall Name
Contact Name
Email address

Tess Acheson
Wilderness non-food traders
Tess Acheson
25 Prices Avenue

- If you have sub-letted your stall to other traders and not told us we won't accept you again - it makes the pitches look very scrappy
- Bargain baskets in front of your stall - huge pet hate and de values what you do
- 'Popping up' a make up / glitter stall - this is not allowed you must be transparent about what you are doing and selling
- Quality labels presenting cohesive designs are favoured over huge ranges of imported goods

- Sadly, after escaping with an 'licence to occupy land' loophole we have managed not to charge VAT for years and years - those delightful chaps at HMRC have clamped down and registered it as 'licence to trade' so we must now charge VAT. Fine for some and really debilitating for others - I get it. I'm sorry - I wish it was different.
- We would like to invite traders to ban plastic bags this year. Please give a thought to this and plan to have paper bags / totes / etc - We understand that this might incur a cost but we think its important to make this step, do our bit and look after our planet.

Curating 50+ traders isn't an exact science. Some people we tell immediately and others (often who are quite similar to others - especially 'festival wear' / Glitter / Vintage) we have to wait until we have a good selection in order to choose the best ones and ensure there is a broad range. If you have another festival / event that weekend then get in touch and say you will need to know ASAP and we shall try to force the decision.

If you have further questions please email info(at)wildernessfestival.com.
If selected you will be contacted by email and a price for the pitch will be given to you at that point. (all pitches are the same price in the main site and slightly cheaper in Wellbeing)
If you are not selected you will be contacted by email at the earliest point so that you can make alternative plans.

Many thanks and good luck,

E.G.'s of stall frontages, if you feel you can match this level of aesthetic please continue to the application form on the next page!
INTERIOR SPY: e.g of a gorgeous canvas tent from 2019: While expensive, it does not need the extra effort and expense of covering it, lining it or erecting a large frontage. A stand out pitch which matched the high end items it displayed.
MILL & BONE: e.g of innovative signage. This is a cheap gazebo with a hessian lined inside and a hand painted canvas roof. NB how they have used the guy rope 'wings' of their pitch as extra display frontage while also blocking the public access to their back of house... 10 points Mill & Bone!
MABBOO: e.g of bespoke frontage. Mabboo have used a cheap gazebo set up but lined the walls with bamboo roll fencing and erected a bamboo frontage to hide the tent. very neat and very effective. NB Bamboo is light but very strong so its a great shout for frontage poles.
LA LA BAZAAR: e.g. of a MEGA fantastic stall frontage which hides PVC gazebo behind. Hand painted, creative, eye-catching and on brand to the contents.. pure VIBES!
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