Minuteman Bikeway User Survey
What amenities and issues should the Bikeway Towns address to make your experiences on the bike path more enjoyable and safer? Given that Towns have inadequate budgets to fund all the important bike and ped projects, it's important that the advisory committees know which projects are most important for the users.
Prioritize the following options *
Not needed
Better enforcement of 'etiquette'
Signs, directions for nearby sights and amenities
More drinking fountains
More restrooms
More 'park and ride' locations
Secure bike lockers at park/ride locations
Mile markers (1, 2, ...10)
Half mile markers (.5, 1.5, ...9.5)
Extend the season the Bedford Depot is open
More frequent brush/debris removal
More frequent snow plowing
Mandatory bike/ped safety classes in the schools
Kiosks w/ historic and environmental info
More trash/dog poop recepticals
wifi at stops near town centers
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