Indic policy and guidelines survey
Currently tat CIS-A2K, we are working on a handbook called "Indic Wikipedia Policies and Guidelines Handbook" where we are discussing a number of things such as: Creating new policies, Modifying existing ones; and to explain these we had to discuss Village Pump, Consensus etc.
The book is in English, but we hope to translate and print the book in a few Indian languages.
a) We are eager to add your frequently asked questions on policies and guidelines, and discuss the difficulties you are facing to manage, enforce or deal with any policy on your Wikipedia.
For this reason, we are inviting you to ask questions or discuss things related to your Wikipedia's policies and guidelines.
Selected questions or discussions will be published in our handbook and askers will be given credits in the book.
b) We are also inviting you to preview the handbook and give your feedback to improve it.
Please fill this form and let us know if you want to join this survey.
You may also email us at if you have any question.
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