APAC Market Development Award 亞太市場發展大獎2019
As an International Financial Center, Hong Kong casts itself as the business, trading and services hub for the Mainland and the region as a whole of the APAC. Hong Kong is an important gateway for companies to enter the Chinese mainland market, and is also a regional base for many multinational companies to expand their business in APAC. 作為國際金融中心,香港為內地以至整個亞太地區充分發揮商業、貿易及服務樞紐的作用。香港是企業進入中國內地市場的重要門戶,也是眾多跨國公司在亞洲擴大業務的區域性基地。

Asia Branding & Franchising Association and Metro Finance are proudly bringing the highly anticipated first edition of the “APAC Market Development Awards” which bestow honour and recognition on individuals, Enterprises and organizations that have significant contributions towards the market development in Asia Pacific. The Awards Presentation Ceremony will be held on 18 October, 2019 at Royal Plaza Hotel and the timeline is listed as below for easy reference. 亞太品牌發展及加盟協會與新城財經台推出備受期待的第一屆“亞太市場發展大獎”,該獎項旨在為對亞太市場發展作出重大貢獻的個人、企業和組織頒發榮譽和認可。頒獎典禮將於2019年10月18日在帝京酒店舉行。

Benefits for the awarded enterprise得獎企業的惠益
Winners can use the logo of "APAC Market Development Award 2019" for promotion to increase their value and goodwill in the Asia Pacific region.

The winner will be interviewed and shared by the popular program “Key to Entrepreneurial Success” in Metro Finance

The winners’ logo will appear on the website and Facebook Page of Metro Finance and the Asia-Branding & Franchising Association for award-winning promotion.

The winners’ logo will be published in the joint Congratulatory Print ad in The Hong Kong Economic Journal

Gain opportunities to interact with other businesses.

Winners will be invited to attend other events organized by ABFA.

Enhance internal morale and team spirit, and enhance employees' sense of belonging to the company.

Application Procedures申請程序:
The completed application form must be submitted by August 14, 2019. Any late application will not be accepted.

All main report assessment must be submitted on or before August 30, 2019 (refer to the framework). Any information submitted thereafter will not be evaluated.
所有參選的主要報告必須於2019年8月30日或之前交齊 (請參閱報告框架),逾期提交的任何資料將不予評估。

All application documents will NOT be returned to applicants.

Result notification結果通知
The Organizer will inform the winning companies/organizations on or before September 19, 2019 by official email.

Award Ceremony頒獎典禮
Winner of each award category will be announced at the awards presentation ceremony on October 18, 2019.

Criteria for all awards 參選獎項的準則
The company should demonstrate the excellence in its relative growth and its market development to APAC, with outstanding business performance achievement and market reputation. 必須在相對增長及市場拓展至亞太市場, 業務表現及成就多方面均有卓越的表現及市場信譽

Success in innovation of new products or services or the penetration of new markets, this can also be measured by means of increased number of markets, geographical locations, products or brand awareness必須在創發新產品或服務, 或開發新市場空間方面, 取得突破及驕人成續, 評審團會以開發市場的數目, 地理位置, 以及產品或品牌的知名度為評審準則

The company which has developed, deployed or commercialized a unique new product, process or services based on the company’s own technology or intellectual property. 候選公司使用自主技術、科技或知識產權開發獨特的創新產品或服務, 並完成產品/服務部署或商業化

Success in effective development of organization structure, system, process, and culture, achievement in customer and stakeholder satisfaction, contribution to society, and outstanding commercial results. 必須成功建立公司架構, 制度, 程序及文化,滿足客戶和與公司利益有關人士,並且對社會有傑出貢獻,以及在業務上取得卓越成績

The company should also demonstrate excellence in employee management, efficient internal organization structure, and/or excellence in socially responsible business practices in the marketplace. This includes labour relations, workplace conditions, opportunities for employment, freedom from discriminations etc. 必須在員工管理方面有優異表現, 有效管理公司內部架構, 良好的工作環境修件, 就業機會及處理勞資關係時在市場上信譽昭著

The company which has formulated distinct strategy in future market development and growth to APAC. 為公司產品/服務制定清晰的未來策略; 並為旨在策劃未來業務拓展至亞太市場

Scalability and sustainable growth through strong
operational management and company culture. 透過較強的營運管理和公司文化實現可擴張性和可持續增長

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