Power Plant SC
At the request of S.C. Gov. Henry McMaster, the South Carolina Floodwater Commission is launching an ambitious effort to plant 3 million tree seeds – assisted by citizens, students, churches, non-profits, municipal governments, private sector partners and other civic-minded organizations and volunteers –on Earth Day, Thursday, April 22, 2021.

Dubbed “Power Plant SC,” the statewide project will be the largest single-day tree planting event in American history. The Commission has assembled a coalition of public, private and non-profit environmental partners to raise awareness about the importance of trees to human and environmental health, not the least of which is the mitigation of disastrous flooding. For each tree planted, 60 gallons of water run-off is avoided, 443 gallons of rainfall is intercepted, and 133 pounds of carbon dioxide is sequestered annually (estimates are based upon USDA Forest Service research).

Many regions across the Palmetto State – not only our unprotected coastlines, but equally vulnerable areas hundreds of miles inland – have frequently experienced severe flooding stemming from record-heavy rainstorms, hurricanes, and tides, all of which threaten our states citizens, our property and our way of life.

Each Boy Scouts of America Council in South Carolina has joined this effort to plant three million trees in our state. We ask that you join the team and register to plant a tree today! This program is FREE for your Scouting unit, den, patrol, or Scout to participate. Please complete the information below before March 12, 2021 to order the seeds and patches for your Scouts and leaders.

For more information about Power Plant SC, visit the website at: http://powerplantsc.com/
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