Advertise ON Women Who Thrive (Website)

1. You will have the option to have your logo on Women Who Thrive website for a particular time (you will decide how long).

2. You will have the option to do a live interview with the founder of Women Who Thrive - Dr. Nancia Leath about your product- The interview will be posted inside Women Who Thrive! Facebook Group - for over 12K women to watch and 70+ countries represented. OR Do a LIVE Training telling others about your products. This is an option regardless of what package you decide on!

3. You will receive a copy of your live interview to share on your website or social media if you decide on the 6 months - 12 months packages. If you decide on lesser time, don't worry you can always share the YouTube link of your interview with others anytime!

4. You will be featured inside of Women Who Thrive Monthly newsletter if you decide on the 6 months - 12 months packages.

5. You will be able to advertise in Women Who Thrive Group - (you can post 1 to 12 ads based off the number of months you purchase - Example: If you buy 6 months we will post 6 ads inside the group just for you (your ad can be a video or flyer-this is your choice).
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Thank you for partnering with Women Who Thrive help women around the world Thrive with what you have to offer- Inward Core Healthcare Services - Dr. Nancia Leath (CEO/Founder) - 10% will go towards Women Who Thrive Grant -The rest will be used to maintain website, employees, and operational cost for Women Who Thrive!
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