Daisy/Brownie Troop Decision
As of now, you have gotten emails from Lee, Jaclyn and Victoria about the changes in troop status to sister troops next year.

To help make the transition smoother, WE NEED YOU TO FILL THIS OUT PLEASE ASAP so we can put you and your daughter in the troop that you desire to be in. Either way, there are no worries.

It will be quick but SUPER helpful!

Please do this by 31 of May along with your registration for next year! If you don't. you will remain in Troop 5823 unless you have instructed me to move you to another troop so that way you don't get put in a different troop without your consent.

YES, you re register in the troop for next year for 5823-- if you choose 34054 then we will have your membership transferred and you still get your early bird patch, etc.

We will also be sister troops-- I will soon do the post to help answer the question of what that will look like but know we will still do events and fun things together as it fits both troops. I am excited about this!

I and all the leaders have enjoyed watching your girls grow this year! We are ALL supportive of your decision in whichever troop you decide and will support you! If you change your mind either way, let us know.

Your Leaders,
Victoria, Mayra, Lee, Jaclyn

Girl Scout(s) Names (First and Last, as registered) *
Your answer
Which Troop Would You Like to be in for 2017-2018? *
If you are transferring outside of both troops, please put the troop number in the form below
I would like to be added to the girl scout sister email list *
You would get updates for events if you wanted to come to that are open to Troop 5823 girl scout sisters! (This is different but similar to sister troops)
I would like to still be in the 5823 Facebook group *
You are more than welcome to and to join our events as girl scout sisters (you pay on your own or as a whole troop)
I understand that I still need to early bird BY 31st of this May back into Troop 5823 and then get put into my troop for next year to "save" my spot. If I change which troop I want to be in, I will communicate and let Victoria know or re fill this form *
Once June 1st rolls around, I will be able to register as there are spots available.
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