Get Mentored by a UIC Engineering Alumni!
The goal of this program is to bring together undergraduate engineering students and engineering alumni for an exchange of information on education, professionalism, aspirations and ideas. These relationships provide a learning experience for students outside the classroom, where they have a chance to see the opportunities that a professional environment has in store for them.

 Be enrolled as an undergraduate student in UIC's College of Engineering
 Complete the Student application, a mandatory online orientation video and survey
 Complete 2 check-in surveys during the 5 months of the Mentor Program and a final summary at the end of March
 Maintain communication/set up meetings with your mentor at least once a month during the 5 months of the program (October to March)
 Think about what you want to gain from the program and discuss your needs/expectations with your mentor. Remember
not to expect a job or internship from your mentor!
 Be committed to carrying out agreed-upon goals and follow through with them
 Be receptive to suggestions and feedback
 Contact your mentor if you are unable to attend scheduled meetings. Realize and appreciate that your mentor is volunteering their time
Student Application
The program has three required time commitments for the student. 1. Complete the online orientation training and survey 2. Communicate/meet with your mentor at least once a month during the 5 months of the program. 3. Complete 3 short surveys during the 5 months that the Engineering Career Center (ECC) will send out to check-in and gain feedback from you. Will you be available to fulfill all three commitments?
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