Abot Tala August-September 2019 Program
Hello there! As you know, Abot Tala follows a self-directed model of learning. That means you have the freedom to design your own education. As Peter Parker's Uncle Ben said, "With great power comes great responsibility." Since you have been given the power to choose your classes, we trust that you'll be responsible in honoring the choices you've made.

Signing up for a class means you are making a commitment to your mentor and fellow teen members attending the class. Here are ways you can show responsibility for your choices:

+ You will show up for class on-time. (And that means being at the center, ready to attend class at least 5 minutes before class starts.) This trains your punctuality. People have lost clients or jobs because they were habitually late. Let's make sure that doesn't happen to you guys by training you as early as now.

+ You will be considerate to your mentor and fellow teen members in class by not being disruptive. You may always voice your opinions, but there's a respectful way of doing so. Let's try our best to maintain a conducive learning environment for everyone, shall we? There's no other reason for this guideline but respect -- which is huge wherever life takes you.

+ You won't use any gadgets while in class, unless your class mentor needs you to do so for certain activities. Should you need to take an important call or reply to an urgent message, please step out of the class. It's really discouraging to teach or facilitate a class when the people you're talking to are busy on their gadgets.

+ If you can't make it to class (for whatever reason), you need to send a message to your full-time mentor (Owie or Ericho). This trains you for "the real world" where we notify our colleagues or people we have set appointments with if we can't make it to the meeting/class/event.

+ You will comply with the requirements of your class mentor. That means working on projects and homework and submitting it on time. Homework for certain classes is necessary because you only spend an hour a week with them and usually, that isn't really enough time. Should there be any issues as to why you can't work on it, please tell your full-time mentor, maybe we can help you, right?

+ If you would like to pull out of a class that you signed up for, please make sure to tell your full-time mentor first. We'd like to know why you're pulling out.

*Note: This form should be filled up by the Abot Tala teen member (not the parent).
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