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HEADS-UP: As we posted before, the old server is now shut down. Unfortunately the pandemic has made this rather more sudden. Please reckon with outages in the coming days, weeks, months. We may or may not be back in the same format. PhiloLogic as used on depends on some outdated, insecure technology, so we are working on our other options. Do be in touch if you'd like to help out.  
Please ignore the links at the top of the page, and use the Philo4 links instead. We are fully aware that they do not reproduce all the functions of the old version.
Dictionaries and Reference works: We are not maintaining the individual dictionaries as rigorously as Logeion, so please use that site: for word lookups. We have done a fresh load of LSJ, Lewis & Short, Slater's Lexicon to Pindar for those who want to search the full text, and added a link to Woodhouse English-Greek lexicon on the perseus.uchicago main page.
Periodically, we will reload the database, at which time we can try and correct problems you find in the texts. The more specific your comment, the easier it will be to track it down and correct it. We appreciate your help! If you leave an address, we can report back to you.
Missing parses: if a word does not occur in our texts, our system probably cannot parse it either! Please try and type or paste in your word, accents and all. Logeion will try and find a dictionary entry in the alphabetic vicinity of your search term; our Μορφώ service now also links you to Whitaker's words, which will be more reliable.
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If your problem is pervasive on multiple pages of the site, it might have to do with your operating system or browser. Please tell us what operating system and what browser you were using when you encountered the problem. E.g., Windows XP, Internet Explorer 8. We are receiving some reports that the new morphology function does not work properly in Internet Explorer.
Please tell us, as precisely as possible, what error you have encountered.
Please do leave us your email address here. This might help in case we need further clarification, but we might also have a simple solution for your problem. We promise not to use your email address for other purposes or hand it to third parties.
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