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As a member of the VHS Collaborative, LOLHS agrees to certain regulations established by Virtual High School. Therefore, when considering a VHS course, it is important to consider the following:

· VHS calendar differs slightly from LOLHS academic calendar. Semester courses are 15 weeks and year-long courses are 35 weeks. Quarter, semester and end of year timelines vary based on the VHS calendar published annually.

· Be aware that VHS Drop Period is only one week after the start of the class. Once that period is over, and provided that there are no extenuating circumstances, a student will not be able to drop the course. Any drop requests outside of this window, will only be considered once the student has exhausted all avenues of support and this will be verified by both the instructor and site coordinator. Administrative approval will also be required.

· VHS has a $75.00 fee for AP courses and/or Laboratory course. These fees are paid for by Regional District 18.

· VHS course content, including all grades and assignments, are visible only to the VHS student and site coordinator. There is no parent portal within VHS.

· The LOLHS Site Coordinator will post only mid-quarter progress report grades and final quarter grades in PowerSchool. Itemized grades are not entered into PowerSchool.

· Communication with VHS is exclusively through the LOLHS Site Coordinator who acts as a liaison between VHS and LOLHS. If a parent or guardian has any concerns regarding a VHS course at any time during the year, the parent must contact the Site Coordinator who will act as the liaison between parent and VHS teacher.
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